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Project Experience

Beckman & Associates principals and staff have successfully managed numerous multi-million dollar engineering & construction, and information technology (IT) hardware & software projects. Our projects have taken us to virtually every nuclear power plant, national laboratory, and DOE complex in the continental U.S. Our staff includes international experience in Canada, South Africa, Korea, Philippines, United Kingdom, and several other countries.

Our customers include the U.S. government (Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Department of Defense), utilities, law firms, defense firms, architect-engineers and other consultancies.

Project Detail

Beckman & Associates, Inc.  offers employee concerns program services including program reviews, investigative services, case closure and litigation support with specialization in atypical or sensitive cases that require an objective viewpoint.  We have extensive employee concerns and corrective action program investigative experience at commercial and DOE nuclear facilities.  Our staff includes highly experienced technical professionals with a broad range of subject matter expertise.  As the lead investigator, Dr. Buchanan has a background in psychology, which lends a unique perspective for the employee concerns process.  Mr. Beckman has over 40 years' experience in the nuclear operations and regulatory fields.

BAA has provided Energy Solutions the management and staff for regulatory and licensing functions for the Zion Nuclear Power Station decommissioning, dismantlement (D&D), and independent fuel storage installation (ISFSI).   BAA initially assisted in the preparations for transfer of the NRC facility licenses from Exelon Generating Company to ZionSolutions, LLC,  the current Zion NRC licensee, in 2010 including revision of NRC approved programs and site procedures to conform with the licensee transfer;  development of licensing strategies for ongoing support of fuel storage and SAFESTOR conditions.  During 2011,  the company managed and provided staff support for licensing and regulatory support of the transition of operations from SAFESTORE to the DECON phase of D&D as well as licensing activities in support of ISFSI design and construction.  Ongoing support includes establishment of the NRC approved programs and plant modifications to load and operate the ISFSI;  handle, store, and ship Class A, B, and C low level radioactive waste; and, provide handing and long term storage for Greater-Than-Class C (GTCC) waste.


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