Beckman & Associates

Senior Regulatory Compliance/Licensing Engineers

Job Number: 

Coordination of and/or review of original engineering design to evaluate compliance with the current NRC regulations, regulatory guides, standard review plan, generic letters, and owner commitments. 

Required Education:
Technical degrees required. Advanced degrees and certifications are highly desired.

Required Experience/Skills:
15+ years of experience including having worked in Architect Engineering or NSSS environments is required. Broad functional discipline knowledge and experience with Safety Analysis Report documentation is also required.  Working knowledge of applicable industry codes and regulations, and experience during initial design of nuclear facilities is strongly desired. The individual must be able to identify problems and lead problem resolution activities.  Commercial nuclear plant experience, either in new licensing or operations and maintenance of current licenses, is desirable.

Short term and long term assignments available.


Must be willing to travel to site assignments.

To Apply:

Please email your resume with your name and job number in the subject line to: